Capoeira, a profoundly fun way of looking at the world from upside down.


Capoeira is for everyone of all ages, shapes and sizes. No experience required.

You will be introduced to the basic movements, music, philosophy and fundamentals of capoeira while building endurance, flexibility, strength and rhythm. First class is free! No experience required. Just show up to class ready to train and with an open mind.


In May 2010, with the encouragement of his students and mentors, Varal opened ArteLuta Capoeira Academy in Lomita, CA, together with his wife Monica, with the mission of teaching, expanding and preserving the values, history, culture and legacy of the art of capoeira – bringing people together and changing lives along the way.


Luiz Otavio Pereira

Contra-Mestre Varal began his capoeira training at the age of 11 inside the hall of a church in his neighborhood in Porto Alegre, RS – Brazil. (Click on photo to read more)


Monica X. Delgado

Monica began her capoeira journey around 2001 in Albuquerque, NM under (now) Contra-Mestre Maluco, student of Mestre Acordeon (UCA). She continued training in California and Brazil, and around 2009 began training exclusively under CM Varal.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that mixes dance and acrobatic movements with the fight. It uses live music, singing and playfulness of the dance to disguise the fight or martial art. There are many benefits to practicing capoeira: Flexibility • Happiness • Philosophy • Self defense • Self confidence • Body awareness • Build Muscle • Improved balance • Faster reflexes • Community • Musicality and more.


Only myth surrounds the true origins, birthplace and influences of capoeira because limited evidence exists to support the various theories. Some believe that the seed of capoeira was planted in Africa, but was cultivated in Brazil. Many contend that capoeira was developed in the senzalas, or slave quarters, where enslaved African lived in Brazil.


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