Events · February 8, 2022


“A JOURNEY TO BRAZIL”: Summer Camp for Kids!

Best of Lomita Award

We are so grateful and proud to have received the award for best Kids Summer Camp from Hello South Bay in partnership with the City of Lomita Chamber of Commerce! We couldn’t imagine a better way to kick off our 7th year of summer camp, and 12th year of ArteLuta Capoeira Academy in Lomita.


Join us for a dynamic and fun-filled exploration of Brazil, one of the most diverse and spectacularly beautiful countries in South America! “A Journey to Brazil” will immerse campers in the arts, culture, language, music and national sports of Brazil.


ArteLuta Capoeira Academy in beautiful downtown Lomita, CA.
Activities will occur both indoors and outdoors.


Our camp is designed for kids ages 5-10 years old. Each day, our artists will work with kids to create new works of arts, learn about and play Brazilian percussion instruments, enjoy interactive Portuguese language lessons, and get moving with soccer, maculelê and capoeira!

As a result of participating in this 5-day cultural immersion experience, kids will gain artistic knowledge and skills, learn about the people, geography and environment of Brazil and create art works and performances inspired by the culture. 


◉ July Session: JULY 25-29, 2022 (9am-2pm)
August Session: AUGUST 8-12, 2022 (9am-2pm)
Space is limited per session.

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How much?

$300 per session

Payment can be made:
◉ IN PERSON: using cash, check or credit card.
◉ VIA VENMO: @varal10


What to bring

➼  Lunch and Snacks
• A nutritious, well-balanced packed lunch. Lunch is outdoors and supervised. We will provide a healthy morning and afternoon snack.
• Labeled reusable water bottle.

➼  What to Wear
• Comfortable clothes for capoeira and soccer.
• A hat (optional).
• Sneakers and socks for soccer (no cleats, please).
• Waterproof sunscreen SPF 30 or above (apply before arriving to camp every day).

➼  Other suggestions
• Full change of clothing (in camper’s backpack).
• Mark all personal items with your child’s name.

What else?

➼  Performance
On the last day, family and friends are invited to attend our Culminating Performance and Art Gallery where kids will perform, exhibit their art work, and share their learning. We plan to limit the audience capacity and spacing to allow for safe social distancing. 

➼  Safety Precautions
• Teach and reinforce personal prevention practices (such as handwashing, staying home when sick).
• Daily cleaning and disinfection of indoor space.
• Limit to small groups of campers.
• All staff are fully vaccinated.
• Masks are optional (masking requirements are subject to change as conditions change).

➼  Before/After-Care Available, if needed
The camp is offered this summer for one-week from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm, however, we will provide before/after-care for an additional fee ($10 per ½ hour). Before/After care is supervised and unstructured. Children are encouraged to bring books, practice what they have been learning and/or continue working on their art projects.

2022 Summer Camp Activities

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that disguises the attack and defense of the fight with elements of dance, acrobatics and rhythm through live instruments, singing and clapping. Today, capoeira has evolved into a rich cultural experience that is much more than just a fighting style.

Our campers will also enjoy Brazil’s favorite pastime of soccer with fun warm-ups, drills, and games. Brazilian soccer is ideal for children because it is known for its spontaneity and creativity on the field. We encourage self-expression and fun, while emphasizing respect and teamwork.

Kids will create their own slime, beaded lizards and masks with recycled materials inspired by by the diverse flora and fauna of the Amazon rain forest. The art of mask-making is rooted in the traditions of indigenous people who live in the Amazon rainforest region. We will also have fun learning about the stories behind many of the Amazon’s animals and insects. 

Campers will also learn and perform Maculelê, a folkloric warrior dance with roots in Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous culture. Kids will simulate a tribal fight using two sticks lead by the drum rhythms and songs that accompany the choreography and improvisational movements.