Events · April 13, 2024

Class Schedule

Capoeira involves the entire mind and body.

Students will learn how to play the game of capoeira, the history and philosophy, the music which includes playing capoeira instruments and singing songs in Portuguese.

* No teen/adult classes on the 1st Thursday of each month for our monthly Artwalk Street Roda.

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$25 Drop In fee for Non-Members.
VENMO: @varal10


Homeschool families with Blue Ridge Academy can now use their Instructional Funds to take capoeira classes at ArteLuta Capoeira Academy!

There are so many benefits:
• Develop strength • Increase flexibility • Practice discipline • Build endurance • Improve balance • Develop coordination • Improve rhythm • Self Confidence • Awesome Community • Music • Opportunities for Self Reflection in a healthy and supportive environment!

Prepare to be challenged and allow yourself to grow through the practice of capoeira.